Civil Society in Sierra Leone raises concerns over positive cases of Ebola in Guinea

Civil society in Sierra Leone are once again calling on the Government of Sierra Leone to increase sensitization of Ebola awareness campaigns in the country after confirm cases of the virus in Guinea.

Tears In our Land

The angry group of boys is defiant, claiming the victim was not suffering from Ebola. He was an older man in his 70s and was recently ill, and the boys, wary of the spates of deaths and the information they are getting about the burial processes of Ebola victims, are angry and desperate.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The Spotlight on Bonthe

In January 2015, during the Ebola outbreak, I arrived in Bonthe Sherbro Island, Southern Sierra Leone, leading a team of young reporters covering districts that were recording 42 days without any Ebola case. Bonthe District was the only district that did not record a single Ebola case throughout the deadly outbreak.