Sierra Leone News: Japan Boost 2 Health Projects in Sierra Leone

The Government of Japan has recently concluded the contracts to provide grant for two Primary Healthcare Projects through the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security schem in Sierra Leone.
Timap for Peace and Development Organization (TIPDO) will be granted USD 94,781.00 to implement “The Project for Construction of a Modern Peripheral Health Center in Kunsho Town, Bombali Distric.”
The Government of Japan also provided Masap Section Development Organization (MASEDO) a grant of USD 68,050.00 to undertake “The Project for Construction of a Modern Peripheral Health Center in Masap Town, Bombali District.”
The Government of Japan has continued their support to the government of Sierra Leone by strengthening and also improving the health care system.
Late last year, Sierra Leone received six emergency vehicles and forty-seven hospital beds for Ebola Control under the same scheme.
The two projects signed recently will further assist Sierra Leone in thefight against Ebola by extending assistance to meet basic human needs in remote areas, where the need of more assistance is recognized.
However most of the other assistance provided by Japan tends to focus on direct Ebola Control.
The Government and the People of Japan reassure their continuous supports to the Government and the People of Sierra Leone both in the fight against Ebola and in promotion of Primary Health Care at both national and grassroots level.
Japanese Ambassador Mr. Kaoru Yoshimura signed on behalf of the Japanese Government whilst Mr. Albert Kanu, Director of MASEDO signed on behalf of Masap Section Development Organization (MASEDO) and Mr. Ibrahim Kargbo, Director of TIPDO respectively.
Local authorities where the project is being implemented expressed profound thanks and appreciation to the Government and People of Japan for their swift intervention in the construction of Modern Peripheral Health Centers within Bombali District.
The Ministry of Health and sanitation in Sierra Leone also commended Japan for complementing government efforts in the provision of improved health care services for people living in underdeveloped communities in Northern Sierra Leone.

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