Let us give chance to the Supreme Court

By Alpha Bedoh Kamara

The matter between the APC and the former VP of the party, Alhaji Sam-Sumana, and by extension the President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, is an internal political party issue that can best be addressed within the rank and file of the membership of the APC.

It is unfortunate some Sierra Leoneans are trying to take the issue out of context and selfishly influencing the public to believe the issue is of wider national interest.

The Sierra Leone Peoples Party, some sectors in civil society, the Sierra Leone Labour Union, among others, have in different ways take on the issue the wrong way and making the majority of the public to be skeptical about their motives in society.

Sierra Leone is far past that level when few individuals will beat the drums of chaos and hundreds of our people dancing to their selfish beats. The SLPP and the others who are trying to paint the situation as an economic doom must realize that they are the ones doing injustice to the very people they think they are informing.

Our people are suffering…the Ebola crises is our new war and we must brace ourselves to put an end to the spread of the virus amongst us and not to try to hoodwink our people to believe that we are working.

Let the APC matter be settled in the APC headquarters and being that the former VP has taken the matter to court, let the court be allowed to do its work.

The rights of thousands of our people are being violated and abused in the workforce on a daily basis but are left to cry in silence because the Sierra Leone Labour Union isn’t reaching out to protect their interest.

But the Union, like the others, was quick to respond to a political issue which impact is limited within the confines of the APC.

The President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, cited a clause in the national Constitution for his action while the former VP also cites the same clause as not giving the ‘Right’ to the President to “dismiss him from office’.

The best solution to this impasse is to allow the court to justify who is right…and we are waiting.

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