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WHO sending in more medical supplies and assisting the arrival of foreign medical team support for earthquake-ravaged Nepal

NEW DELHI ¦ GENEVA ¦ 27 APRIL 2015 – WHO is surging additional medical supplies and health workers into the earthquake-affected region to help the Government of Nepal provide rapid medical assistance to the thousands who have been injured in… Read More ›

Ebola Outbreak Exposed Weakness In Health System

She said over the years, they have demonstrated trust and commitment in ensuring that Lassa fever and other hemorrhagic fevers are prevented and control, adding that the handing over of the rehabilitated Annex Ward is the continued commitment of Tulane’s project to the public health system of the country.

Sierra Leone: Pregnant Girls Barred From School and a Right to Education

“In our own culture, in the secondary school, they don’t allow girls who are visibly pregnant to go and take exams. We have a belief that it will encourage other girls to do the same thing,” says Sylvester Meheux, the chairman of the Conference of Principals. “Others will copy that example, and we’ll have a lot of them [pregnant girls] in our school system,” he adds.