Haunted dreams: The Issues

Africa’s social and economic development is influenced by the web of tribes and cultures with traditions that varies from one region to the other. This creates a plethora of abuse and violations that continue to deny the vast of the population the opportunity to be better stakeholders in society.
The stories brought to you through creative writing will try to shed light into the challenges and the solutions being taken.

Wishing U a Happy and Safe Christmas

Tis the hour, when excitement
embattles the minutes, and presents
in various ways sing the moment
for the poor and rich,
old and young, in various colors
sharing hope and love.

Heed to public health warnings to stop COVID-19

If all human efforts seem to fail in making this world a global village through internet technology, bringing nations together through sports, and strategizing together in building a united force to protect the rights of everyone, the COVID-19 pandemic should now be the reason why we must all embrace one another for the good of all, not against one another.