Coca-Cola Creates Buzz With Drone Delivery of Coke-coffee Crossover

As part of a launch stunt, select customers who live in single-family residences within a one-mile radius of Coffee County’s Walmart Supercenter could have their coke-coffee fix delivered via drone.

According to the enthusiasts at DroneDJ, the drone appeared to be a customized DJI Matrice 600 Pro with four arms to hold the package during flight and a tether system to lower the product at the drop-off location. This enabled the drone operators to avoid any risk of the drone coming into contact with people on the ground.

Coca-Cola with Coffee and its zero-sugar option are infused with Brazilian coffee and come in a variety of flavors. Coca-Cola with Coffee is available in Dark Blend, Vanilla, and Caramel, while its zero-sugar counterpart comes in Dark Blend and Vanilla. Each 12-oz. can contains 69 mg of caffeine. A 12-oz. can of standard Coke contains 34 mg, Diet Coke contains 46 mg, while the same-sized coffee has 140 mg or more.

The U.S. is the 50th market to launch the crossover, which premiered in Japan in 2018.  A press release from Coca-Cola explains that the crossover is aimed at customers who enjoy both coffee and coke.

“Many people are often torn between reaching for a soft drink or a coffee at 3 p.m. at work, at school or on the go. Now, you don’t need to leave Coca-Cola to get your coffee fix,” said Brandan Strickland, a brand director for Coca-Cola Trademark.

In product testing, of consumers who tried Coca-Cola with Coffee, over 80% said they would buy it—a positive sign for the company after the 2006 failure of a similar concept, Coca-Cola Blak.  

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