Wishing U a Happy and Safe Christmas

It used to be a cherished moment
for everyone to dream before the day
of all that is good to come to pass
and Santa Claus descending in your dream,
with such gifts befitting your heart

Unfortunately, his shadow still lingers,
despite the bells in horry clink
and his magic to turn your tide
from turbulence to calm.

But tis the hour, when excitement
embattles the minutes, and presents
in various ways sing the moment
for the poor and rich,
old and young, in various colors
sharing hope and love.

But his shadow still lingers
hesitant to step in your dream
though his bags are filled
with your cherished dreams
yet, clouded in fear, uncertainty,
for your thoughts are tormented
gnawed by Covid-19.

But it will be well, the bells will still clink
though the laughter will be different,
hope will still sing a song
of the gift you so cherished in this moment.

for as you look forward to this moment
I wish you a happy and Safe Christmas!

Categories: Haunted dreams: The Issues

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