The GOD in YOU

By Alpha Bedoh Kamara

Every day I hear these words

GOD creates mankind in HIS image.

How mankind is glorified in HIM;

yet ever repenting for our mischief

but then you think about all that is around you

with no such power like you,

with abilities to reason and be rational 

for neither your pet, nor your tree, can be like YOU

for HE is in YOU and YOU in HIM.

But again you think

from the subconscious mind you don’t know how it evolves

to explore the unknown in the galaxy and deep seas

and casting metals that feel the touch of mankind.

From your inner self talent blossoms like flowers in summer

with unpredictable coloring innovative

like HE that designed the universe.

Yet you think you are fragile like glass

despite the ability to adapt and survive nature’s wrath

of storms and droughts, of hurricanes and earthquakes

because YOU refuse to accept YOU

despite the power to overcome challenges

and turning evil to good.

Yet YOU are unique, for YOU are HIM

Only YOU can breathe his breath, speaking his language of reasoning

giving hope to the hopeless, feeding the hungry

 and saying HELLO to the stranger,

because HE is YOU and YOU are HIM.

Categories: Haunted dreams: The Issues

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