Alleged chief financier of the Rwanda genocide arrested

Felicien Kabuga, a fugitive from justice for alleged responsibility for the genocide in Rwanda for more than 25 years arrested on Sunday in France.

“The arrest this morning in France of Félicien Kabuga, a wealthy businessman alleged to be a chief financier of the Rwanda genocide in 1994, is an important step towards justice for hundreds of thousands of genocide victims. It shows that even after twenty-six years, survivors can hope to see justice and suspects cannot expect to escape accountability.” – Mausi Segun, Africa director at Human Rights Watch.

The 84-year-old was living under a false identityin a flat in Asnières-Sur-Seine, a Paris suburb, according to a press release from the public prosecutor and regional police.He was arrested on Saturday morning by French gendarmes, France’s Justice Ministry told Reuters.

During the Rwandan genocide of 1994, members of the Hutu ethnic majority in the east-central African nation of Rwanda murdered as many as 800,000 people, mostly of the Tutsi minority. Started by Hutu nationalists in the capital of Kigali, the genocide spread throughout the country with shocking speed and brutality, as ordinary citizens were incited by local officials and the Hutu Power government to take up arms against their neighbors. 

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