Tears In our Land

An abstract from the Novella Tears In Our Land

The angry group of boys is defiant, claiming the victim was not suffering from Ebola. He was an older man in his 70s and was recently ill, and the boys, wary of the spates of deaths and the information they are getting about the burial processes of Ebola victims, are angry and desperate.

“We will bury our dead! We will bury our dead!” they shouted.

The police stood perplexed at the angry youths while the members of the burial team waited in the vehicle. The boys are still blocking the road when another group, holding the body in a stretcher, walked through the space provided by the others, and faced the police.

One of the police officers, still maintaining a distance from the boys, informed them it’s for their good that they are advising them to adhere to medical advice.

“We are not doing this to disrespect the dead. We are all in this trouble, and we are all losing loved ones. Show reason and protect yourselves,” the officer continued. “It is important for the body to get tested for Ebola. If it is negative, we will return the body to you”.

Some bystanders standing far off and listening to the police shouted at the boys to let go of the body. Some of the boys are defiant, but noticing that few others have started leaving, the four boys holding the stretcher placed the body on the ground and also left.

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