Orange SL & amp; Others finance medical evacuation of 5yr-old rape survivor

By Ahmad Sahid Nasralla

The Asmaa James Foundation (AJF) has been able to fundraise for the medical evacuation and treatment of a 5-year-old rape survivor previously at Aberdeen Women’s Center and Emergency Hospital.

Hope for little Angela

In February 2018, Angela (not her real name) was brutally raped by her 26-year-old uncle. This caused severe damage to her spine. Angela was admitted to the Aberdeen Women’s Center. Her situation further deteriorated recently when she suffered a bone fracture during physiotherapy.

The AJF in partnership with Legal Access for Women Yearning for Equal Rights (LAWYERS) have been working assiduously to raise funds for Angela’s medical care.

Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital in India through the Sick Pikin Foundation has agreed to examine Angela with the possibility of performing surgery to improve her health.

Mobile telecommunications company Orange Sierra Leone donated SLL 70,000,000 towards Angela’s medical care.

In addition, the AJF received donations from companies and well-meaning Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad, including Pee Cee & Sons and Milla Group who donated $5,000, Mrs. Basita Micheal and Ms. Jasmine Roberts donated $2,000 and $700 respectively.

“We are extremely touched by the generosity of Orange Sierra Leone and others who have contributed to help ease Angela’s pain,” said Asmaa James, Founder and President, AJF.

 “On behalf of the AJF and its partners, I want to thank the Aberdeen Women’s Center and the Medical Emergency Surgical Hospital for their support to Angela over this year. I also want to thank Mr. Ishmeal Charles and the Sick Pikin Foundation for facilitating and travelling with her to India.”

Angela has arrived in India in the care of Mr. Charles and a member of her family. The AJF will continue to push for the protection and care of Sierra Leone’s girls and women against all forms of sexual violence.

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