Sierra Leone: Man incarcerated for over 11 years without trial freed

Dauda Kiwo an inmate at the Kenema Correctional Centre that who has spent 12 years on remand without trial on allegations of conspiracy, larceny and burglary has been released.

Dauda is just one case of the many people incarcerated in prisons without trials in Sierra Leone.

Incarcerated for over 11 years

Kiwo’s issue came to light when the Human Rights Commission  of Sierra Leone (HRCSL) conducted a monitoring activity at the  Kenema Correctional Centre on May 27th, 2019 and in other regions. His matter was among several other grim prison conditions highlighted to the Director of Public Prosecution during an engagement on Wednesday June 5, 2019. 

The Department of Public Prosecution assured the Commissioners of the HRCSL that steps would be taken to study the detainee’s file and also of those without indictments.

Dauda’s file was reviewed and brought before a court where he was acquitted and discharged.

Dauda was arrested towards the end of 2007 and charged before a Magistrate Court. His matter was committed to the high court after four appearances and incarcerated for over 11 years without trial by a high court judge.

According to the office of the public prosecution, proposals have also been made for the recruitment of 25 State Counsels to address the problem of over crowding in prisons.

Dauda poses with HRCSL officials after his release from prison

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