Jovadi Jewelry makes a Statement at Buckingham Palace

Daughter of American President, Tiffany Trump, was spotted wearing a necklace from luxury fashion house, Jovadi Jewellery (, at the state dinner of the long-awaited visit of President Donald to the Buckingham Palace this week in London.

Reportedly styled by Toni Breiss, the Haute Joaillerie Black Tie, a 61.5carat pear-shaped diamond necklace set in white gold and the 18carat diamond earrings, is said to be part of the exquisite Black Tie collection of the Fast-rising brand.

Reacting to the development, the Founder of Jovadi, Ella Peters, was quoted saying: ‘’Having Tiffany Trump select our jewellery has been an exciting endorsement of our brand. We know she has a tantalizing choice of jewellery from long-established jewellers to select from and choosing ours really makes us feel like we are ticking all the right boxes.’’

‘’Jovadi is a couture jewellery brand and home to some splendid collections of jewellery around the globe. We are also making unprecedented strides in the international market, ensuring that Africa’s rich natural resources and emerging consumer class are recognised in the process,’’ she added.

This is not the first major endorsement  of the brand as its Bergonia Ring was auctioned at the 2018 fundraiser hosted by Prince Albert of Monaco with the proceeds going to the Prince’s foundation. More recently, the brand collaborated with Dennis Basso to present its 2019 New York Fashion week collection in February 2019 and was selected by Vogue Portugal to showcase its jewellery for their Special Edition April 2019.

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