Sierra Leone: First Lady is angry at the ‘serpents’ around the president

The first lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Mrs. Fatima Bio, is angry at the ‘serpents and evil people’ around the president.

President J.M. Bio

Her frustration and public stance against the “serpents  and evil people” allegedly surrounding the president and providing misleading advice is being praised by most Sierra Leoneans as the right move at a time the country needs political tolerance, economic stability and progress.

Popular Sierra Leonean journalist Thomas Josephus Dixon wrote: “The public outburst of the First Lady #FatimaBio has far reaching consequences than expected. It gives the impression that something isn’t right with the home of the President. It connotes that the President is on the verge of failing because of what the First Lady refers to as “serpents  and evil people” around the President.
Something is definitely wrong and the First Lady is feeling unprotected. May God Help Sierra Leone.”

Mrs. Bio isn’t the first to have voiced her anger about the nature of the country’s development amid a growing number of mischievous politicians bent on misleading the president of the Republic of Sierra Leone. The former first lady, late Patricia Kabbah had to stop some ministers and politicians from visiting their residence. She too was frustrated and angry at the level of selfishness of some of the politicians and public officials who instead of doing their work to provide the needed service for the country, were busy praise-singing the president and seeking favours for their families.

Sierra Leone is ranked among the poorest countries in the Human Development Index (HDI). Healthcare and education are poor, with high level of unemployment, yet some politicians only seek their own interest.

Like the late Mrs. Patricia Kabba who challenged the “serpents  and evil people” in her time, Mrs. Bio is on another quest to protect her husband from political parasites who, if left to ply their trade unhindered, will cause an economic collapse.

Mrs. Bio should look them in the eyes and put a stop to their ploys, or they will lead the president on the wrong path.

Mrs Bio’s frustration, directed at those ‘serpents  and evil people’, said “I pray that my husband’s eyes will be open and see through them and not in ten years, but before the end of this year”.

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