UN Under-Secretary-General DiCarlo and AU Commissioner Chergui make a two-day visit to Libya

Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Peacebuilding Rosemary DiCarlo and African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security Ambassador Smail Chergui conducted a joint visit to Libya from 12-13 March.

They were received by Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya Ghassan Salame.

The joint UN-AU delegation held meetings in Tripoli with Fayez Serraj, the President of the Presidency Council, Khaled al-Mishri, the President of the High Council of State, in addition to other members of the Government of National Accord.

They were also briefed on security arrangements for Tripoli by the Tripoli Security Committee and the Joint Operation Cell. The delegation also met with a women’s group to get their perspectives on the situation.

Today, Ms. DiCarlo and Ambassador Chergui, accompanied by Special Representative Salame, traveled to Benghazi where they met with the Commander of the Libyan National Army, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

The purpose of the joint UN-AU visit was to support UN-led efforts aimed at reaching a political settlement ending Libya’s long transitional period, leading to the unification of the country’s institutions, holding of national elections, and enhancing security, stability and living conditions for the Libyan people.

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