President Bio implores security agencies in Sierra Leone to collaborate for effective security services

President Julius Maada has met with Heads of the various security agencies in the country to encourage inter-agency collaboration in the provision of effective security services to the nation. 

The president said one of the main challenges the country’s security sector had faced was the lack of proper coordination among the different security agencies, noting that if they were to provide effective services there should be a synergy among them.

He however commended the various forces for their patriotic services to the nation, adding that despite the difficult nature of their jobs, they had always stood the test of time, even continued to do so with the meagre salaries they get.

“As a Government we appreciate what you do, every day, to ensure that there is peace and stability in our country. By taking up the uniforms, it means you have a difficult choice to serve this country. So, we are grateful for that.

“Most of the times we have had problems with the lack of synergy between and among the various forces, which is not helpful for the country. We know that quiet conflicts are bound to happen but we must see the need to work together for a common goal. No one can do it alone. So, we need collective efforts,” he urged.

He emphasised that he was satisfied with the progress made so far in the eight months of the new government, especially in rebranding the image of the nation on the international scene. He said before now people had negative perceptions about the country, but expressed hope that that was fast changing because of the kind of leadership he was providing.

“I have promised and will continue to provide the quality leadership we need to move this nation forward. The perception out there is beginning to change. When they talk about serious nations now, we are being mentioned as one of them, which is a very good start that we all can collectively build on.

“As the Leader, I want to inspire you all to make your own contributions in making our country great again. Today is for you and I want to say thanks to you all for your service to our nation,” he assured and thanked the First Lady for making the evenning event a success.

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