Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone Teachers Union Hosts Leadership Workshop for Executive Members

By Mustapha Sesay

The Sierra Leone Teachers Union in collaboration with partners on Friday  24th August, 2018 organised  a three day leadership workshop for its executive members at Hotel 5 10,  east end of Freetown.


The president of the Sierra Leone Teachers Union, Alhaji Mohamed Sallieu Bangura, has informed executive members of the union that they should understand and analyse the content of the Free Education Program for it successful implementation.

He said the program will ensure every child  gets free and quality education in the country, and  admonished all teachers to embrace the program to develop and transform the mindset of children.

The Secretary General of the Union, Mr Davidson Kuyateh, pointed out that the workshop will also assist the teachers to be in a position to educate others about the various components of the Free Education and its implications.

Regional Coordinator Education International Africa, Lucy Darimbui, noted that they are working with Education Workers Trade Unions to establish democratic organisations of teachers to fast track teachers’ welfare, professional development and quality education.

“Education International Africa also strives for equality and equity of purpose, gender and speaks against marginalization in our communities,” She said, adding that the organization also look at issues relating to conducive learning environment, teaching and learning materials, the teachers, facilities in the schools and government policies.

She revealed that the workshop will enable the teachers to build on their leadership skills and cascade it into their respective regions.

She admonished the teachers that at the end of each stage in the free education program the organisation will want to see various transformation in their schools and communities.

“This is a target setting workshop to mitigate emerging issues,” she noted.


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