September 23, 2021

The state of Sierra Leone detention centers and detainees

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Below is the urgent message of a social worker at the Prison Watch Sierra Leone whose organization is working to ensure detainees are treated humanely.

Some of the detainees have spent decades in detention centers without access to legal representation.

These pictures were taken in the Bo Correctional Center. Inmates reported that 56 of them sleep in cell 8. This is the few I can share. Some I cannot share for ethical reasons. Some before we make the public we have to discuss with the Correctional management. We urgently call on help for scabies treatment in the Bo Correctional Center. This is very urgent. We call all Well wishers to help. The situation is very serious. PWSL is happy to report that we have received one new desktop computer for computer lesson for the female inmates in Freetown. We need four more at least for a start. This is an urgent appeal. This what the inside of the Bo Correctional Center looks like. Full report will be published later.

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