September 26, 2021

Sierra Leone: Police released civil rights activist arrested for protesting fuel price increase

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Edmond Abu, a civil rights activist in Sierra Leone arrested on Tuesday for leading a peaceful protest against the increase in fuel price has been released.

The arrest of Abu raised public concern over the way the government is handling public issues and the seemingly callousness of some party officials and the police accused of perpetrating acts of violations.

Sources in Freetown say the intervention of members of civil society amidst the public outcry contributed to Abu’s release by police.

The Sierra Leone government is engaged in a deliberate and abusive strategy to limit and silence dissent.
The strategy is designed to curtail civil society activities, limit public criticism of the government and exercise greater control over nongovernmental organizations.
The clampdown on the freedom of expression, assembly and association have accelerated recently…
We at CHRDI are calling on the Sierra Leone Police to immediately release Edmond Abu Jr.
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