October 27, 2021

Sierra Leone: Northerners fleeing political violence in Kono

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By John Koroma

Victims of political violence during a stop in Masingbi

As President Julius Maada Bio initiated a cross-party committee to address political violence in the country, scores of nothern tribes including Temne, Limba, Loko and Yalunka, are allegedly driven by threats of violence in Kono.

This follows the re-run presidential elections in which majority of people from these groups voted for the defeated North-Western based APC political party.

Yesterday scores of northerners left Kono for their homelands and made a stop gap at Masingbi, a northern town bordering Kono in the east.

The victims lamented threats, discrimination and many forms of inhuman treatment by the perpetrators.

The situaton remains tense as there is no way yet the government has taken active measures to solve the country’s political crisis that has resulted to spate of violence against political opponents.

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