Husband huspitalized after setting wife on fire


Emma: victim of domestic violence

BY Augustine Kanu 


Her husband, who is presently receiving treatment at a hospital in Makeni sustained severe burns from the fire which had rapidly taken over the house.

The victim, identified as Emma, was burnt to death at their Upper John Street residence in Makeni after her husband poured fuel on her inside the house and set her ablaze.

Sources said the victim had taken her husband to the court regarding a dispute over ownership of a house and that the court had asked her husband to bring the house plan when attending court the following day.

On Thursday’s Presidential debate aired on AYV, Star, SLBC TV, and IRN Stations in Sierra Leone, the moderator of the debate, Hassan Arouni, asked the presidential candidates raised the issue about the victim and what’s their position on violence against women in the country.

Sierra Leone is a signatory to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) yet cases of domestic violence are common with most victims afraid to report to the police fearing stigma from their communities.

All the presidential aspirants commit themselves to ensuring the protection of women in society by ensuring the political will by strengthening the police and other institutions to tackle the menace.

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