Paramount chief accuses NGC Candidate for harassment

By Shifu Fadda

Paramount Chief Sheku Magba III of Diang Chiefdom in the Koinadugu District claimed the NGC candidate is constantly intimidating him.

NGC Candidate Peter Bayuku Conteh

NGC Candidate Peter Bayuku Conteh


“He has been calling my phone threatening me that my staff will be withdrawn by his political party after winning the elections,” the Paramount Chief explains.

Conteh is said to have warned Paramount Chiefs in Koinadiugu against supporting the All People’s Congress Party, failing which will lead to the withdrawal of their staffs when his Presidential Candidate, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella wins the elections.

“I want the authorities in the country to know that I am currently spending sleepless nights due to political intimidations. I am a law-abiding Paramount Chief with a very good reputation. I hate politicians trying to create panic in my Chiefdom,” PC Magba III said, adding that his Chiefdom is open to all political parties to campaign during the required period as per law.

Peter Bayuku Conteh was minister Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs in the APC Government.



NGC supporters want progress and peace, not thuggery

The Political Parties Registration Commission and National Electoral Commission should be paying keen attention across the country to ensure that politicians and their political parties respect and abide by political rules ahead of the March 7, 2018, elections.
Information gathered by this press revealed that political intimidation is currently the order of the day in Koinadugu District, where traditional leaders are mostly targeted by some desperate candidates of political parties who want to win the upcoming elections by hook or crook.


The PPRC Code of Conduct for Political Parties, Candidates and Supporters state “All Political Parties that have subscribed to this Code accept that intimidation, in any form, is unacceptable, and leaders of these parties will direct their officials, candidates, members and supporters not to intimidate any person at any time”. The Code went further to name the use of actions or language that may intimidate other candidates and voters and provoke violence throughout the entire electoral process, as unacceptable.


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