PSC warns against any military solution to the conflict in Libya

The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU) has warned that there can never be any military solution to the conflict in Libya.

AU looking forward to national dialogue in Libya

At its 719thmeeting held on 14 September 2017, the PSC received a briefing on the situation in Libya and the outcomes of the 4th Meeting of the AU High Level Committee on Libya, held on 9 September 2017, in Brazzaville, Congo.

The Council also strongly condemned all kinds of violence perpetrated against civilians and called upon all concerned to refrain from such acts and pursue their efforts in the path of political dialogue, expressing serious concern at the prevailing humanitarian and security situation in Libya, with acts of violence affecting the wellbeing of all peace loving Libyans in the country. 

The Council commended the three Libyan political leaders, Faiez al-Serraj, Chairman of the Presidency Council; Agila Saleh, President of the House of Representatives, and Abderrahman Swelhi, President of the High State Council for attending the Brazzaville summit, as well as for their contributions to the deliberations of the meeting. 

Council also commended members of the Dialogue Committee representing the House of Representatives and the High State Council, who participated in the Brazzaville Meeting, and expressed its satisfaction of their expressed commitment to start the work of amending the Libya Political Agreement (LPA).

 The Council also strongly condemned all external interventions and interference, from whatever quarters, in the internal affairs of Libya, as such interventions undermine the search for a lasting solution to the crisis in the country.

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