Princess: Sierra Leone musical sensation emerges from the grassroots to limelight

By Alpha Bedoh Kamara

At a time when the nation is faced with traumatic experiences that one of the country’s emerging musical talents is uplifting the nation with heart-warming music.

IMG_6061Like many young Sierra Leoneans, Beatrice Erite, aka Princess, faced hardship and struggles that prevent girls from achieving their goals in society.

Her challenges speak volumes of the stories of women and girls in Sierra Leone face, but through music and her passion for education, she is swimming through the struggles, taking with her other vulnerable girls in need of support.

A philanthropist and active social activist on women and children issues in the country recently donated stationary materials to primary schools in waterloo, western Rural, while she also engaged parents to send their children to school.

Her latest music: ‘Mama Salone We Pray For You‘ resonates with every Sierra Leonean who wants positive change in the country’s socio-economic development. Her call for positive social change through her music is acclaimed nationwide as more young people are looking up to such messages for positive social change.


Her next move, according to her, “is meeting with women incarcerated in prison to provide counseling and support”.

Mama Salone We Pray For You:

Lover of my soul: 

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  1. Very proud of her, she is a daughter of destiny. Keep it up Princess of Praise


  2. Very Nice Song i like it keep it up

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