Kenya’s Supreme Court ruling puts the country in a political deadlock

By Alpha Bedoh Kamara

The Supreme Court ruling over the outcome of the Kenya presidential elections has not only shocked the world and setting an example for Africa’s struggling democracies, but has put the country in a political deadlock.

Supporters of Raila Odinga celebrate after the Supreme Court decision

The pronouncement by the opposition leader, Raila Odinga, that he no longer trust the national election commission, and accusing international observers, over what he claimed ‘Their flawed appraisal of the outcome of the elections’ is a move everyone should expect.
Politics in Africa is a ‘tug-of-war’ issue, and will continue to be so, considering the deferring views and needs of the different ethic groups. The decision, therefore, is one that will create many conspiracy theories and finger pointing.

Though Uhuru Kenyatta said that ‘personally he is not pleased with the ruling, but will respect the court’s decision’, he is a wounded and determined man with a mission to win in next election. Everyone should be watching the political trend in the country while these two political parties once again battle for the presidency.

While supporters of Uhuru Kenyatta are still  shocked, the ruling has upped the momentum of the opposition and Raila Odinga is looking again to shock the world if, and only if, he emerged victorious, to prove to the world that his claim, and the ruling of the Supreme Court are justifiable.

However, questions are being raised over the decision of the Supreme Court, citing probable outbreak of chaos and political instability with the outcome of the slated election as Odinga’s latest pronouncement for his distrust of the electoral commission again created a window of opportunity for the opposition to challenge any future elections handled by this present commission.

Will there be a change of authority at the Commission?

Will supporters of Raila Odinga accept the outcome of the forthcoming elections if this same electoral administration handled the elections, and Uhuru Kenyatta wins?

Will supporters of Uhuru Kenyatta accept the elections if a new electoral Commission is set up, and Raila Odinga wins?

The decision of the Supreme Court in it quest to follow the rule of law may have therefore taken a decision that has put the credibility of the international community and the national election commission, and setting the foundation for a prolonged legal battle over the electoral process.

Let us all hope that Raila Odinga’s issue with the election commission is ironed out and the outcome of the election becomes positive, otherwise the decision by the court is only a fuel to the already igniting political tension in the country.

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