October 20, 2021

Sierra Leone: Culpable public institutions to account for billions of Leones of public money 

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A press release by the Auditor General of Sierra Leone has disclosed the names of public institutions that failed to submit their financial statements for auditing.

President Ernest Bai Koroma promised to fight corruption

These institutions should therefore collectively account for billions of Leones of public money they received as budgetary allocations/subventions.

 Abysmal failure by public institutions over the years to account for public money, amid growing abuse of offices by public officials, continue to deny millions of people in the country the needed public utility services.

Efforts by the Office of the Auditor General are to promote and ensure accountability and transparency and compliance to the rule of law by public service officials.

Unfortunately, the public service system is the country’s nightmare as corrupt practices continue deprived the country of the needed service to address the economy.

29 public institutions have all failed to submit their financial statements,  indicating the scope of the problem.           

                   PUBLIC NOTICE


Freetown, Sierra Leone- 7th August 2017- 

Section 119(2) of the 1991 Constitution mandates the Auditor General to audit the          Public Accounts of Sierra Leone and all public offices including the courts, the accounts of the central and local government administrations, of the universities and public institutions of like nature, any statutory corporation, company or other body or organisation established by an Act of Parliament or statutory instrument or otherwise set up partly or wholly out of Public Funds.

Sections 86(1) and 118(1)(b) of the Public Financial Management Act 2016 state that the Annual Financial Statements of Public Enterprise, Commissions and Agencies shall be audited by the Auditor-General or other auditor appointed by him.

Having failed to submit their financial statements for auditing, these institutions should therefore collectively account for billions of Leones of public money they received as budgetary allocations/subventions.

The Auditor General of Sierra Leone therefore wishes to inform the general public that the following institutions failed to submit their financial statement for the purpose of auditing:


1) Njala University  – 2016

2) Nuclear Safety  and Radiation Protection Agency- 2016

3) National Telecommunications Commission  – 2016

4) Human Rights Commission- 2016

5) Independent Media Commission – 2014 –  2016

6) Guma Valley Water Company – 2015 – 2016

7) Office of the National Security – 2016

8) Electricity Generation and Transmission Company – 2015 – 2016

9) Statistics Sierra Leone – 2016

10) Sierra Leone Postal Service – 2015 – 2016

11) University of Sierra Leone – 2016

12) Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority – 2016

13) National Protection Area Authority – 2016

14) Sierra Leone Maritime Administration – 2016

15) Sierra Leone Stock Exchange Company Limited – 2016

16) Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority – 2015 – 2016

17) Petroleum Regulatory Agency – 2016

18) National Youth Commission – 2016

19) National Commission for Persons with Disability – 2015-2016

20) Freetown Teachers College – 2009-2016

21) Western Area Hospital Board – Since Formation

22) National Commission for Small Arms – Since Formation

23) National Drugs Control Agency – Since Formation

24) National Assets Commission – Since Formation

25) SL Produce Marketing Company Since Formation

26) National  Pharmaceutical and Procurement  Unit – Since Formation

27) Local Government Service Commission – Since Formation

28) Sierra Leone Health Service Commission – Since Formation

29) Produce Monitoring Board – Since Formation

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