December 2, 2021

Sierra Leone: Boy with male and female sex organs undergoes surgery

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By Ortorkor Janaba

A 16-year-old boy has successfully undergone bilateral subcutaneous mastectomy surgery at the Holy Spirit Hospital in Makeni.

Sorie Kamara (right) requires further medical attention

The surgery which was carried out on 6th of June 2017 by a team of five surgeons from Ghana, headed by Dr. Albert Painsil and assisted by Sierra Leonean Dr. Abdul Jalloh, with funds from Resurge Africa UK, is reported to be successful.

Ibrahim Sorie Kamara told reporters after the surgery that he desperately wanted the breast to be removed.

He has been living in the shadows ashamed of the condition but the surgery will be a life changer for Kamara who is determined to live a happy life. There are cases of people with both male and female sex organs who live in silence for fear of stigmatisation in their communities.

A date for the other surgery to close the other female organ is yet to be announced.

The organisation raising funds for the boy’s health care, Women Against inhumanities Sierra Leone (WAI-SL), continue to engage stakeholders to also look at such cases affecting young people in the country.

The director of WAI-SL, Miss Michaella Sallu, thanked the team from Ghana and Dr. Abdul Jalloh for the relentless support and free service they provided for the boy.

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