September 23, 2021

Sierra Leone: Appeals Court Orders 39 Constituencies to be Re-Run

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Lawyer Banja Tejan-Sei: says SLPP violated rights of appellants

The Appeals Court in Sierra Leone today ruled that all SLPP lower level executives elections held on the 26th November 2016 and 3rd December in 39 Constituencies are null and void.

Lawyer Banja Tejan-Sei: says SLPP violated rights of appellants

The Appeals Court presided over by Honourable Justice Reginald Sydney Fynn, Hon. Justice Alusine Sani Sesay and Hon. Justice Allan Baami Halloway, further order that the SLPP lower level executives elections in the Constituencies to be re-run

That for the purposes of the re-run elections, the Rules and Regulations for the conduct of executives elections of the SLPP published in the in the gazette on the 29 January 2016 shall be used

According to the Court, “the lower level elections in all other constituencies shall remain valid and undisturbed.”

“That the injunction restraining the holding of an SLPP convention is hereby removed,” the Court ruled.

SLPP Acting Publicity Secretary-Lahai Lawrence Leema described the ruling as “a win for the SLPP.”

An interlocutory injunction was filed against the party restraining from summoning any meeting of the National Executive Council of the SLPP geared towards conducting, organizing or supervising flag bearer elections or any elections pending the hearing and determination of the appeal filed.

Legal counsel for the appellants, Banja Tejan-Sie, had argued that rights of the appellants were violated and denied to be delegates due to irregularity in internal elections of the SLPP. He said there existed parallel lists in 39 constituencies where parallel elections are conducted using two separate sets of rules.

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