One person forced to flee every second – says GRID Report

The Global Report on Internal Displacement has presented the latest information on internal displacement worldwide caused by conflict, violence and disasters, stating ‘One person forced to flee every second’.


Millions have been displaced by conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in the last two decades; over 2 million in the last two years alone

According to the Report, there were 31.1 million new internal displacements by conflict, violence and disasters in 2016; the equivalent of one person forced to flee every second.

“There were 6.9 million new internal displacements by conflict and violence in 2016. Sub-Saharan Africa overtook the Middle East as the region most affected, with almost one million new displacements in the Democratic Republic of Congo as a result of violent clashes in the provinces of North Kivu, South Kivu and Kasa.

“Significant levels of displacement continued in the Middle East, with Syria, Iraq and Yemen experiencing close to two million new displacements in total during 2016.”

The report also states that there were 24.2 million new displacements by disasters in 2016.

“As in previous years, South and East Asia were the regions most affected. While China, India and the Philippines have the highest absolute numbers, small island states suffer disproportionately once population size is taken into account.

“Once again, weather-related hazards, in particular floods, were responsible for the majority of all new disaster displacements in 2016.”

Norwegian Refugee Council’s Ulrika Blom, said already this year, some 1 million people have fled violence in the southern province of Kasai.

“In total, 3.7 million people have been displaced by violence in DRC. “DRC is the world’s most forgotten crisis,” he said.

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