Dutch investors working on strengthening trade relations with Sierra Leone

By Kadie Sesay

A team of Dutch investors on Monday visited Sierra Leone with the aim of strengthening trade relations between  Sierra Leone and the Netherlands.


Capt. Alieu Pat Sowe

Representatives from the Sierra Leone Netherlands Business and Cultural Council (SNBCC) have met with key officials of the Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SLIEPA) and the Minister of Trade and Industry in Freetown.

The Ambassador of the Netherlands to Ghana accredited to Sierra Leone Ron Strikker said his Government is committed and determined to promote the private sector of Sierra Leone as part of their post-ebola economic recovery package.

He said companies in Holland are willing to work with Sierra Leonean businesses on joint venture or partnership to expedite economic recovery.

Rosalind Boschloo, PSD Coach for Tanzania, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia, said they are in the country to Promote Dutch Sierra Leonean businesses to grow by focusing on knowledge sharing, public-private partnership financing and creating enabling business environment.

During the meeting, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Capt. Alieu Pat Sowe, the SNBCC representatives and SLIEPA discuss the current increasing trade relationship between Sierra Leone and Netherlands.

Presentations were also made on the trade opportunities in the Sierra Leone agricultural sector and how Sierra Leonean investors can benefit financially and technically from the Dutch Government.

According to Ron Striker, there are many opportunities in the trade and investment sector for the Dutch/Sierra Leone relationship, stating that the Government of Sierra Leone should do everything possible to improve on its current relationship with The Netherlands as a starting point.

The Director of Export Development of SLIEPA, Shaka Kawa,  described the representatives as key partners in development, noting that during the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease, a team of Dutch investors visited the country as a confident building measure.

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Capt. Alieu Pat Sowe praised the Dutch investors for the resumption of the operation of KLM flight in the country and also for their role in improving the trade sector, especially in the balance of trade between the two countries.


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