Ebola Scare hits Liberia again

7 Die ‘Mysteriously’ in Greenville

Liberia is again faced with another scare of Ebola virus after residents of the port city of Greenville, Sinoe County, woke up yesterday to discover that half a dozen of their kinsmen had died under mysterious circumstances.


The Ebola epidemic claimed the lives of more than 11 300 people and infected over 28 500

According to DAILY OBSERVER, the Ministry of Health’s representative in River Cess with oversight responsibility for Sinoe County, Derry S. Dokie, said there were “unexplained causes of the deaths which started at about 5 a.m.”

“Since 5 a.m. today (yesterday morning) six persons have died from suspected fever of unknown cause,” which health personnel in the county are investigating.

The Ministry of Health in Monrovia has been urgently called upon to put into place interventions before the situation gets out of hand.

Liberia was first declared free of Ebola transmission in May 2015, but the virus was re-introduced twice since then, with the latest flare-up in November. announcement cames 42 days (two 21-day incubation cycles of the virus) after the last confirmed patient in Liberia tested negative for the disease 2 times.

The Liberian National Police (LNP) spokesperson, Sam Collins, confirmed to the Daily Observer that the LNP is investigating the deaths, and have dispatched homicide and forensic investigators to the county.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has confirmed the news and told ELBC that investigation is ongoing to ascertain the circumstances leading to the deaths.

The Ministry of Health’s communication director, Sorbor George, said a rapid response team has already taken specimen of the dead for testing.

He said the tests will be conducted at a laboratory in Marshall, Lower Margibi County.

According to Mr. George, the victims had earlier complained of headaches and abdominal pains, and doctors struggled to resuscitate them “to no avail until they died at various intervals.”

The Ebola epidemic claimed the lives of more than 11 300 people and infected over 28 500. The disease wrought devastation to families, communities and the health and economic systems of all 3 affected countries.

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