Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commission To Investigate 17,625 Corrupt Cases

The Anti-Corruption Commission of Sierra Leone (ACC) is reported to have received over 17,625 (Seventeen thousand six hundred and twenty-five) reported cases on its ‘Pay No Bribe’ (PNB) platform.


President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma prioritises fight against corruption

By Kadie Sesay

This disclosure was made by the Deputy Director of Outreach and Public Education, Patrick Sandi, in a recent meeting with the administration of the University of Sierra Leone (USL).

The PNB platform which was launched a few months ago is aimed at encouraging members of the public to report incidences of bribery and corruption nationwide.

According to the Deputy Director, the new figure represents a significant increase from the previous one reported in March.

He disclosed that out of the 17,625 reports, the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) tops the list with complaints of over 5,988 reportedly paid a bribe to the SLP. 2,166 also reportedly paid a bribe in the education sector, while there are 2,966 reported bribery incidences in the health sector, 612 in the electoral sector, 207 in the water resource sector and 727 reports in other sectors.

Mr. Sandi further disclosed that Kenema District is still topping the list of the highest reports with 7,066 complaints. According to another ACC officer, Alhassan Kargbo, the PNB campaign has been making significant progress in the fight against corruption, as it has given people the courage to start reporting bribery and corruption in the five piloted areas.

He urged the USL administrators to intensify their fight against corruption by raising awareness among students and workers. Alhassan Kargbo noted that the USL which falls under education sector is also part of the first phase of the PNB campaign.

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