Sierra Leone: Armed robbers rampaging Iron Ore Township


Inspector General of Police Francis Munu: people want answers

Residents of Lunsar, the iron ore mining town in Port Loko District, Northern Province of Sierra Leone, are presently worried over spates of armed robbery activities in the township.

By Lucy Kamara

The residents have thronged to the local police station demanding answers and want the authorities to act now.

According to reports from the township, armed robbers are attacking residences at night with the sporadic firing of guns and assaulting the victims with machetes.

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The owner of a gas station in the township, Samuel K, was reportedly attacked around 9:00 pm and the day’s sales carried away.

Two days after the assault on Samuel K, who was gravely wounded, the armed robbers again attacked a supermarket and carted away money and property.

On Friday, at around 1:00 am, the Court Clerk Ajibu Dao was reportedly attacked in his residence and seriously wounded. His house ransacked and properties were taken away.

It is yet unclear what measures the authorities will be taking but some residents are sceptical about the police, claiming the residence is closer to the police station.

“We are still surprised about the attack on Dao because he lives closer to the police station,” said a resident who don’t want to be identified.



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