September 22, 2021

AfDB president: every African should be issued an African Union’s African passport

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The President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Akinwumi Adesina, said he is proud to be the holder of the African Union’s African passport, but that it is not good limiting them just to politicians and VIPs.


He thought that every African should be issued one and that getting rid of national visa requirements across the continent would be a major step toward the promotion of regional trade on the continent.

President of Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Mo Ibrahim, while talking about the importance of the values of governance and transparency said sustainable development is not possible without good governance.

The African Development Bank and the Mo Ibrahim Foundation have long had a close affinity and a natural alliance based on shared interests and complementary objectives. These qualities showed clearly at the 10th Mo Ibrahim Governance Weekend in Marrakech, Morocco, where the President spent a productive working weekend in the company of well-known personalities from African politics, commerce, investment, and finance.

csm_Mo_Ibrahim_Governance_Weekend_8aa050507dAdesina also said electricity is the Bank’s first High 5 objective, and he could think of anything more urgent than to make power generally accessible to all living in Africa.

“Without power you can’t start or run a business, you can’t teach, learn, or do anything productive,” he said.

“We need to switch on the lights and power up Africa as a priority”, he added, drawing attention to the importance of modernising agriculture to align it closer to industry and manufacturing.

Adesina also emphasized the importance of gender equality in economic development: “A bird flies with two wings,” he said. “In the same way sustainable development cannot fly without complete gender equality.”

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