October 27, 2021

Sierra Leone ‘Next Movie Star 2016’: KAI BOCKARIE SAQUEE

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Kai Bockarie Saquee narrates his journey to becoming the winner of Sierra Leone’s maiden edition of Next Movie Star 2016

I went through two categories of auditions from regionals to national unto the celebrity house. 20 contestants participated in the national audition but only 17 made it to the house of celebrity.


In the house

We spent 21 days in the house of celebrity. It was a challenging moment for me, residing with people I never know. Being in the house of celebrity called for many things; the camera was looking for a leader, mentor, real individual, teacher, religious person, public speaker, actor, comedian, singer, in essence a blend of many characters.

At 3 am in the morning while others were in bed I woke and asked myself what I wanted, and a convincing voice said to me: ‘Go on and win it!’ That was all the inspiration I needed.

Winning package

There were many characters in the house both males and females, I learnt a lot from these guys which I in turn used to my advantage to get to stardom. My winning was a package of many things. Things I never saw coming, but the training in the house helped me a lot. The sessions in drama, script writing, stage performance, coupled with other things were well grasped.

Changing game plan

KAI BOCKARIE SAQUEE 1The race reached to a point where I had to change my game plan as my co-contestants improved on their game plans as well. Until then you have to be set for a knockout on stage, which I never wanted, so I kept on strategizing to ensure I keep my momentum and confidence.

However, it reached a point where the contest became tougher and rougher, as the coordinators introduced more tips and increased work load. It was real tough, but one has to stand the test of the times, which I did.

I never had the chance to be a Head of House (HOH), but I personally supported them, to ensure they achieved their aims and objectives in manning the house.


Eviction was a nightmare nobody wanted to hear or even think about, but it was part of the rules of the game. Calling people you love up for eviction, you cry when you truly see them leaving the house.

I blended many things to win- patience, courage, broke barriers and myths; yes indeed, I broke boundaries to attain this. I received some slaps, which I never returned.

Every call has a challenge you must stand to and face it to win, and ensure you win.

My aim

I want to showcase Sierra Leone local content in films, competing with international actors, giving the viewers the right cinematography with true characterization.

I want to blend tourism and acting in promoting and rebranding Sierra Leone to the international and tourist generating regions. I want to attain quality level in producing the right movies with Sierra Leone local content. I want to create the right platform to act with international actors. I want to make Sierra Leone a destination for acting and filming.

My vision

My vision is to put Sierra Leone on the map of acting, competing with other key markets.


My prize for winning the Next Movie Star title was Le5Million plus a movie contract.

My true character

I am an easy-going person, less-tempered and love people and support women because I believe in women’s power.


I am 34 years-old, born of Kono, Southern Sierra Leone. I studied Tourism and Marketing from Salzburg University. I am the Marketing Assistant at the National Tourist Board. I am married with a son.

About The Sierra Leone Next Movie Star 

The Sierra Leone Next Movie Star reality TV show is Sierra Leone’s own version of the internationally acclaimed reality TV show Big Brother. The show is designed to search for Sierra Leoneans whose faces can be used to promote the country’s emerging movie industry.

The Next Movie Star is now registered as a company in Sierra Leone with a Board comprising movie directors, producers and actors.

CEO and Founder, M.J. Sessy Kamara, believes this can be one of the ways to develop the country’s movie industry to international standards.  The company is basically drawing a leaf from the movie industries in Ghana, Nigeria and even Liberia that have programs that produces new talents for them every year in order to keep their industries moving.

The maiden edition was held on Wednesday, 23rd November, 2016, at the Caritas Guest House, St Edwards Compound, Kingtom, Freetown, following a regional audition and two Days Mentorship Workshop and a final National Audition. The show is broadcast by Africa Young Voices Television.


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  1. Keep on chasing your dreams bro………..there will be no limitions for you by God’s grace.

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