July 26, 2021

SAS crowdsourcing app seeks to solve the migrant crisis

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A new app from SAS called GatherIQ uses crowdsourcing to gather information and analyze data to help solve the migrant crisis.

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Analytics firm SAS wants to use crowdsourcing and data to solve global humanitarian challenges. Its new app GatherIQ, announced at the SAS Global Forum 2017 in Orlando, FL, puts analytics in the hands of the public to address world problems, starting with the migrant crisis.

Thousands of migrants go missing or die on their journey each year, with an estimated 63,000 victims between 2000 and 2016, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Here’s how the app can help: First, users read about the issue. Then, the app asks questions about the migrant crisis that the IOM needs assistance analyzing. Using data visualizations and information from the IOM’s Missing Migrants Project (including demographics, migrant routes, and locations), users can see patterns and trends take shape. Then, users can post any insights they gain to the GatherIQ community, to share observations and work as a team to validate one another’s results, according to the app’s website.

Users can also easily share their insights on social media platforms to both bring attention to the crisis and draw others to the GatherIQ effort. “IOM will harness the power of the crowd to better understand what is really happening to these migrants and how the organization can help them,” a press release stated.

Published courtesy of IOM

Reference: TechRepublic

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