Sierra Leone political climate on edge amidst reports of motion to postpone elections

By Lucy Kamara

Sierra Leone political climate is on edge amidst disclosure of discussions of a motion that would make sure the Presidential and Parliamentary elections slated for March 2018 postponed after the sacking of Sierra Leone’s parliamentary majority leader, Ibrahim Bundu.


Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has stated he will not contest for a third term and will ensure free and fair elections

According to the Chief Executive Officer at Free Media Group, Umaru Fofana, Parliament has adjourned and deferred to Monday voting on a controversial motion which if passed could affect the country’s electoral calendar and extend the life of the House and the President.

He said MPs have “summoned the electoral commission to appear before them on the adjourned date before they put the issue to a vote.”

Executive director at Center for Accountability and Rule of Law – Sierra Leone, Ibrahim Tommy, claimed the action by MPs is “a joint project: It has the support of the ruling APC as much as some elements within the opposition SLPP. In fact, the only dissenting voices to the motion came from some SLPP members. Every member of the ruling APC who spoke during the proceedings supported it. Our parliamentarians have been talking and listening to themselves a lot lately; it’s time for them to pay attention to the mood of the country”.

The Speaker of Parliament who quoted the Chairman and Leader of the APC said since Hon. Bundu is vying for the Presidency “there is no more confidence in him being fair and just”.

The disclosure about the proposed motion has raised eyebrows among some Sierra Leoneans living abroad and wants the government to working according to the constitution and mandate of the people.

“I am shocked at hearing the news,” said Kadiatu Kallon, a US resident, “We are not expecting such information back home while we are looking forward to the elections.”

The president, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, has stated he will not contest for a third term and will ensure free and fair elections, and national registration is going on smoothly for the 2018 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

People registering at Tejan Street, Wellington, Freetown, for 2018 Presidential and Parliamentary elections

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