December 2, 2021

AfDB grants US $ 127.6 million to Senegal for modernization of public infrastructure

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The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group today granted US $ 127.6 million (75 billion CFA francs) of loans to the Republic of Senegal for modernization of transport infrastructure and support municipal authorities in 13 municipalities.

Project will include rehabilitation and construction of 78 km of roads equipped with sanitation facilities and street lighting

The project is part of the program to modernize the “Promovilles” cities, which the Senegalese authorities have launched to support the growth of the country’s medium-sized cities. More than two million people are affected.

This ADB funding is for the first phase of the program, Promovilles-1, which consists of providing 13 municipalities with basic infrastructure, rehabilitation and construction of 78 km of roads equipped with sanitation facilities and street lighting.

It also includes construction of public facilities -markets and sports centers – as well as the development of squares and parks.

These infrastructures, which are due to be commissioned by 2020, will improve urban mobility and the living conditions of the inhabitants.

The second part of the program is institutional: technical assistance will be provided to the local authorities, to equip them to the computer plan and to train them in the management of their data, with the creation of a geographical information system in particular, which will help them To better control the development of their territory.

“Today, local authorities are confronted with real problems of human, technical and financial resources to meet the needs of urban planning and infrastructure development,” explains Ali Ismaël Mohamed, transport economist Responsible for steering the project within the ADB.

Urban planning and planning issues are even more pressing in medium-sized towns, whose rapid expansion urgently requires new investments in infrastructure and modernization of municipal management systems. Together, the 13 communes / towns concerned by the project represent almost two thirds of Senegal’s GDP. The program must improve their competitiveness and allow these cities to continue their growth in a more planned way.

“Support for the Promovilles program demonstrates the Bank’s renewed approach to supporting urban areas, an approach that places increasing emphasis on institutional capacity building. It is all the more important that Promovilles is interested in medium-sized and peripheral cities, contributing to regional rebalancing, “said Amadou Oumarou, director of the Bank’s Infrastructure, Town and Urban Development Department.

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