Sierra Leone vice president meeting with Njala University officials today

The vice president of Sierra Leone, Victor Bockarie Foh, is expected to meet with members


Foh: intervening

of the Njala University administration, academic staff association, and the Student Union over the Bo incident that results in the death of one student and two severely injured.

Students of Njala University were protesting on Thursday morning against a long-running lecturers’ strike which has left their college closed since October 2016, when personnel of the Sierra Leone police stepped in to stop the escalating tension.

According to reports, some of the angry students were blocking the main road at Peace Junction and the Clock Tower in Bo, demanding that the government adhere to their demands while the others stormed the office of the permanent secretary at Tikonko Road in Bo.


People want to know why police use live ammunition

Police say that the students did not obtain a permit for the protest today, were burning tires and blocking major roads.

One student was shot dead and two seriously wounded after shots were allegedly fired by the police personnel.

Thirteen students were allegedly detained at the Lumley police station, three at New England Ville Police Station in Freetown; and five detained in Kenema.

Lecturers have been on strike due to non-payment of salaries by the government.

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