December 2, 2021

Shocked by the disclosure that the village headman is like the other men in the village now realizes why her husband never bothers when she threatens to complain him to the headman. Instead, he will subject her to more abuse.abuse

“I am now frightened now that I know the reason behind by predicament, I am trapped, mammy Iye, I am trapped. My parents will not hear about me leaving, no one will accept me, and my child!” she wept.

The old woman, still holding the little girl, patted Kadija on her right shoulder. “It will be alright.”

“When will it be alright?” Kadija lamented “After when my hair is white and my teeth rotten with cola?”

Mammy Iye chuckled. She could understand why the younger woman is angry and frustrated. In her days she could not even think of complaining her husband to the local headman. She was the third of four wives to a marriage that lasted her whole life with many children to feed. But times have changed; now they can hear news of changes in neighboring villages, how people who abuse others are punished by the authorities and women given protection by a group of young literate women.

“It will be alright. I heard a white man is residing at Ma-koth village and that he has some people with him who talk to the chiefs and the elders to stop abuse in our homes,” Mammy Iye continued.

But the sound of footsteps startled the two women. Kadija quickly takes her child, and cuddling her, when she spotted her husband walking towards them. His mood subdued and seemed not to notice Mammy Iye when he addressed his wife.

“Now that I know why you are becoming recalcitrant towards me!” he snapped.

“I do nothing,” she replied, trembling as he walks closer to her.

“What has she done to deserve this treatment?” Mammy Iye asked, moving between Kadija and her husband.

“I am not talking to you. I am talking to my wife and I have all the right to do as I want!”

“We were just discussing woman issues,” Mammy Iye continued.

“That’s not my concern!” he snapped at her, “when have you become a counselor to my wife?”

“She said nothing bad to me,” Kadija replied, still shaken when suddenly he jumps at her and pinned her on the ground while the child, still in her hands, cried loudly.

The old woman tried to separate him from Kadija but to no avail as he continually punches her on the back and berating her with vindictive words.

Africa’s social and economic development is influenced by the web of tribes and cultures with traditions that varies from one region to the other. This creates a plethora of abuse and violations that continue to deny the vast of the population the opportunity to be better stakeholders in society.


By Alpha Bedoh Kamara

Haunted Dream stories are brought to you through creative writing to highlight the practices that pose a challenge in society.


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