September 17, 2021

We must create a better future for African youth – Pierre Guislain

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Pierre Guislain, Vice-President of the African Development Bank (ADB) in charge of the private sector, infrastructure and industrialization, on Monday, 20 March 2017 said the situation of the workforce in Africa would go from “about 617 million today to 1.6 billion in 2060”.


He said the situation of the workforce will make it possible to garner a “demographic dividend” Will stimulate the growth of the continent and support millions of poverty.

“We must create a better future for African youth.We need to prepare for tomorrow’s jobs instead of training for yesterday’s jobs,” he said.

“The future belongs to us,” said the president of the Africa CEO Forum. “We must put the corporate citizen at the heart of our strategies,” he continued, inviting the private sector to play an even more central role in the sustainable transformation of the African economic model.

The choice of the theme of the Forum, “Reinventing the African Business Model” was intended to guide the debates on the evolutions needed to succeed in the new economic cycle. The solutions proposed by the participants include, among others, good governance, education in line with current challenges, capacity building of public authorities, increased investment in agribusiness and off-grid electricity in terms of energy . On this last point, Amadou Hott, Vice-President of the ADB in charge of electricity, energy, climate and green growth, presented the Bank’s strategy in this area.

This year, women were keen to share their entrepreneurial experiences and, for them, to propose concrete solutions to foster the development of the new generation of African women leaders, especially as women ‘s leadership is at the heart of women’ Companies. Jennifer Blanke, Vice-President of the ADB, in charge of Agriculture and Human and Social Development, guest speaker of the panel “Women and Business, Unity is Strength”, took part in the debate.

The African Development Bank is a partner in this event, which aims to support the development of African companies and to promote their promotion in Africa and internationally.

Story published courtesy of AfDB

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