October 27, 2021

Harford Old Girls Association plans for development of school

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Faced with the need to promote the girl child education, Harford Old Girls Association (HOGA) is working on rebuilding the school’s status for better education for girls in Sierra Leone.

Harford promoting girl-child education in Sierra Leone

Founded on 27th November 1900, Harford School is the first secondary school in the provinces and has produced many successful women in Sierra Leone and beyond. The school is also one of the schools benefiting from the Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Programme which provides opportunities for girls to spend an academic year at schools in the United States of America to strengthen their academic base and expose them to international cultural diversity.

The school held its annual national executive and committee members’ meeting on 3rd– 5th February, at Yoni Bana, Tonkolili District. The meeting brought together 27 HOGA members across the country to discuss progress made on key action points agreed on during the school’s 115th Anniversary celebration held in Moyamba  2015, and to develop a five-year strategic plan for the school’s development.

This forum was also used to discuss the Association’s financial update and to initiate plans for the mini convention to be held in 2018. The three-day HOGA National Executive meeting ended with a Thanksgiving service at Hallowell Memorial United Methodist Church, Yonibana. This is a typical culture of Harford School, demonstrating its Christian religious values instilled in its pupils.

Harford School for Girls is located in Moyamba town, Southern Region. The school lacks major good water facilities and electricity. Key projects identified in the school’s strategic plan include refurbishment of the school and boarding departments, installation of a solar light system, plumbing and water supply, a utility van and re-building of the school clinic which was burnt down during the rebel war.

At the national executive meeting, the School Principal, Mrs Isatu Peacock highlighted major achievements of the school in 2016 including a 100% pass in the Basic Education Certificate Examination among 92 candidates, for which the school received a gold medal for excellent performance, awarded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

Before the ten year civil conflict in Sierra Leone, HOGA had branches in all districts across Sierra Leone. Due to the breakdown in economic and social structures as a result of the conflict, some of the district branches have become dormant. The National HOGA executive is working with old girls in the various districts to revive the district branches to give HOGA its national base on which it was founded.


2 thoughts on “Harford Old Girls Association plans for development of school

  1. I’m writing from Utah, Back in the 1960’s I was a Pen Pal with an Elsie Caulker. I have always kept her correspondence to me and think of her often. Never thought about going on the Internet and see if I could find any information. Would she be a part of your Old Girls Network. Thank you, She knew me as Missy SUllivan,

    1. Thank you so much, Sullivan. It is an honor for us to receive your correspondence and we hope we could be of help to link you with your friend. However, the 11-year war in Sierra Leone (1991 – 2000) destabilized and displaced almost everyone in the provinces and Harford was one of the schools that were relocated to the city. She might probably still be living at the same address or has relocated.
      Do you still have her old contact? The address will help us track her whereabouts or any of her close relatives in Sierra Leone.
      If she was a teacher at the school then it will be easier for us to contact the present administration which might have information about her.
      We look forward to your reply.

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