September 21, 2021

For obstruction of justice: Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commission indicts two people

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The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), on 16th January 2017, indicted Ibrahim Sorie Kargbo, of No. 11 Hill Street, Freetown, and Joseph Wilfred, residing at Tengbe Town, both private businessmen, on one count of Conspiracy to Commit a Corruption Offence, contrary to Section 128(1), and four-counts of obstruction of justice, contrary to Section 127(1) (b) of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 12 of 2008.

On the 9th day of January 2017, Ibrahim Sorie Kamara, knowingly misled the ACC by holding himself out as being Kalisu Kallon and presenting a forged national identity card, a fake conveyance, and a fake valuation certificate, all bearing the name Kalisu Kallon, in a bid to secure bail for one Alpha Bakarr Kamara, who was in the custody of the ACC.

Joseph Wilfred, who is also charged with Conspiracy to Commit a Corruption Offence, contrary to Section 128(1) of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 12 of 2008, facilitated the production of the fake national identity card, the fake conveyance and the fake valuation certificate used by Ibrahim Sorie Kargbo to bail Alpha Bakarr Kamara. Kamara, who was the subject of the ACC investigation, agreed to pay Ibrahim Sorie Kargbo and Joseph Wilfred the sum of seven Million Leones (7,000.000/00) for their services.

Meanwhile, the eight people charged with Conspiracy and misappropriation of Donor Funds in relation to Plan International, including the Mr. Daniel Akuna Shorenke-Sawyerr,  Accountant/Quality Assurance Officer, were on 7th February 2017, arraigned at the High Court Holden in Freetown. Justice Komba Kamanda granted bail to all the accused persons in the sum of Five Hundred Million Leones (Le: 500.000.000/00) and adjourned the matter to 21st February 2017.

The ACC wishes to reassure the general public of its relentless resolve to pursue the fight against corruption at all levels in Sierra Leone.

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