October 28, 2021

Sierra Leone female film star promoting national development through arts and beauty

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As Sierra Leone again shakes herself from the economic malaise of the Ebola crises women are once more taking the forefront in championing social causes to motivate and empower young people and rebrand the country’s image.

Deputy PS, Joseph S. Thornton and Kadijah Koroma

One of Sierra Leone’s popular movie stars, Kadijah Koroma, is targeting young girls in schools to find hidden talents and mold them into the future gems of Sierra Leone through her Dijah Kay Foundation.

Kadijah Koroma is organizing Miss Western Area Senior Secondary School Beauty Pageant for 2017 on the theme “Consolidation, Solidarity and a Call for Positive Change rebranding of Sierra Leone and Awareness amongst teenagers”.

“We will identify talents, train and mentor them before the competition,” says Dijah during a press conference on Friday at the Tourism Ministry, adding that the focus is to find and support young Sierra Leonean talents in the arts and entertainment industry.

The project will target young pupils (16 years and above) in Senior Secondary Schools in the Western Area and later to the provinces.

“The Sierra Leone Beauty Pageant for Senior Secondary Schools will immensely help to divert the minds of young people from negative things and focus their minds on better options, which will make them become productive and result-oriented,” she said.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Joseph S. Thornton, said the Sierra Leone Beauty Pageant for Senior Secondary School will be the base for future pageantry and will help young beauty queens to represent Sierra Leone in international competitions.

Kadijah’s efforts are commended in the country as people see hope in the future of young girls in the country. Like Hawa Kamara, Miss West Africa in 2013 and Sierra Leone’s first entry in the Miss Universe competition, many young people are now motivated breaking the boundaries through talents and be ambassadors of Sierra Leone.

“People knew nothing else about my country (other than the war). That’s affected us. When you say Sierra Leone, people think: “There is war in that country.” But that is long gone.” Hawa Kamara, courtesy CNN.

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