September 21, 2021

Miss Sierra Leone Flying the national Flag

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By Alpha Bedoh Kamara

The first representative of Miss Sierra Leone to the Miss Universe Hawa Kamara is beating the odds and once again flying the flag of Sierra Leone.


A country shrouded in irony, of infinite riches of natural resources, culture, and climate yet the economy so poorly managed the majority of the people are subjected to live in poverty. Illiteracy and unemployment dictate the livelihood of the people and the few who struggle through this mucky terrain emerged bruised and determined.

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Unlike the diamonds, gold and other minerals that have unfortunately become the curse of this beautiful nation, the young boys and girls who struggle through culture and traditional challenges, stigma, violations and abuse, are the real gems of Sierra Leone. They are today gracing the world with beauty and status, painting the international platforms with the country’s colours and conveying the messages of their people.

Hawa Kamara is the messenger, the ambassador of a nation whose beautiful people have positively impacted the world.

Why is this important to the successes of Hawa Kamara?

Yes! The beautiful girl from Sierra Leone, a country ravaged by political instability and war, poverty, and then Ebola, is repainting the bleak picture to that of hope, and facing questions of poverty, challenges, and Ebola!

She faces the glare of her colleagues and the world media, and truly, like the true maidens and warriors of her ancestors, she walks the stage proud and beautiful, smiling with a sparkle that will leave its mark in the Miss Universe.



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