South African Troops Will Walk Away From Sudan

Sudan –South African President Jacob Zuma said on Wednesday he has terminated the employment of members of the South African National Defence (SANDF) in Darfur, Sudan.

South Africa

The termination will take effect from April 1, the president said.

Zuma thanked all members of the SANDF for their participation in bringing peace in Darfur. South Africa sent peacekeeping troops to Darfur in 2008 as part of the AU/UN Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID).

Zuma ordered the withdrawl of SA troops from Sudan after peace was restored to the country.


Last year, when Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was in the country attending an African Union summit, there were reports that SANDF troops in Sudan had been “held hostage” during a court bid to have him arrested.

However, the SANDF denied this at the time.

It was reacting to a report by Netwerk24, quoting unnamed South African soldiers in Sudan, that heavily armed Sudanese soldiers had surrounded military bases in Kutum, Mellit and Malha, and that South African troops had been placed in a state of combat readiness.

According to the report, vehicles approached the South African bases and all troops were in combat gear, fully armed, and positioned in bunkers and against embankments.


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