September 22, 2021

Liberals Brotherhood Sierra Leone welcomes BADEA Project for Fourah Bay College

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Press Release

Liberals Brotherhood Sierra Leone welcomes BADEA Project for Fourah Bay College


The Liberals Brotherhood Sierra Leone heartily welcomes the Government of Sierra Leone’s intervention in the rehabilitation of Fourah Bay College (FBC). As a body whose membership is entirely made up of past students of the college, we have been concerned about the deplorable state of infrastructure of our alma mater.

There has been no accommodation for students in the past five academic years due to the bad state of students’ hostels. This has posed a serious challenge for students, especially those from outside the capital Freetown. The lack of classrooms for the growing student population has seen many lectures being held in places that are not fit for the purpose.

The Liberals Brotherhood believes that the poor state of infrastructure is not only a challenge for students, but academic and administrative staff as well. As such we take this opportunity to thank the Arab Bank for Economic Development (BADEA) and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) for their kindness and generosity, and the Government of Sierra Leone for initiating and contributing to the project. We also ask that the Government look into concerns of funding gaps that resulted from recent thefts and damages to students’ hostels, something that was not budgeted for in the initial project proposal.

As the implementation of the project is about to kick-start, we call on the Office of the President, the Ministry of Education Science and Technology, the Anti-Corruption Commission, civil society organisations and the media, to closely monitor its implementation to ensure a timely, smooth and proper implementation.

We also call on students to be more responsible in the handling of the college’s facilities in a bid to avoid the current state of affairs they (students and hostels) find themselves.

Long live Fourah Bay College! Long live the Liberals Brotherhood! Lux in Tenebris!


Sorie Ibrahim Koroma

Acting Head, Liberals Elders Council

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