October 27, 2021

Three missing after Tonko Limba secret society fiasco

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By Hassan Bruz

Sierra Leone — At least 3 People reported missing after the disturbance at Kamathorthor in the Tonko Lima Chiefdom, Kambia District, according to the Local Unit Commander at the Kambia Police Station, Superintendent Francis Hazeley.

LUC Kambia Police Station: Francis Hazeley


Investigation is also being carried out by police on the alleged shooting and subsequent wounding of nine other persons presently admitted undergoing treatment in Freetown.

According to Hazeley, the upheaval allegedly started when a group of people introduced a new society called ‘Kulimgbong’ in the Tonko- Limba Chiefdom without due consent and approval of certain stakeholders of the community and viewed as a belittlement of their traditional right and a challenge to their customs.

Others say it is pointless to have imported the ‘Kulimbgong’ because the people already have the ‘Gbangbani society.

Tonko Limba is one of the chiefdoms in Kambia District with the most unified cultural and traditional

Reports say it was extremely difficult for the Local Unit Commander to mobilize personnel to visit the scene with allegations that some police officers ‘disappeared in to thin air’ and many more claimed to be unwell.

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