UN Mission condemns violence in Malakal protection site

South Sudan — The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has strongly condemned violence that erupted last night between Shilluk and Dinka youths in its protection of civilians site in Malakal, in the northeast region of the country.


Government troops have been fighting rebels since December in the world’s newest state

In a press release this morning, UNMISS said that violence involving the use of small arms, machetes and other weapons broke out yesterday in the late evening between youths from both communities, resulting in five fatalities among the community of internally displaced persons and about 30 people injured, according to preliminary reports. Violence also continued this morning.

“The Mission calls on all communities to refrain from violence, restore calm and resolve differences through dialogue,” UNMISS said.

The Mission said that UNMISS police in charge of maintaining order within the protection sites immediately intervened with tear gas to disperse the crowd. Casualties were brought to the international non-governmental clinic at the site.

UN troops have increased perimeter patrolling while physically securing areas in the vicinity of site, UNMISS said. The Mission is also engaging with local authorities in Malakal to de-escalate the situation.

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