October 20, 2021

Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) proposes amendments to the 1991 Constitution

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Sierra Leone –The CRC has published an abridged version of its First Draft Report containing proposals for an amendment of the Constitution of Sierra Leone Act No 6 of 1991.

President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma


Key issues proposed include the following:

🔷 Four New Chapters have been developed-
1. Local Government and Decentralization

2. Lands, Natural Resources and the Environment

3. Citizenship

4. Information, Communication and the Media

🔷The Office of Attorney General separated from the Minister of Justice

🔷 Local Council Elections to be conducted every 5 year instead of four

🔷Local Council Elections to be non-political

🔷Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council Elections to be held on a fixed calendar date

🔷The President is not exempted from personal taxation

🔷The President should no longer be a Member of Parliament

🔷A House of Paramount Chiefs to be created. No second Chamber or Senate

🔷CRC is seeking further information on whether or not the death penalty should be abolished

🔷The retirement age of Judges/Justices of the Superior Court of Judicature shifted from 65 to 70 years

🔷The African Negro requirement to be a citizen of Sierra Leone should be eliminated

🔷Stateless children under 5 years found in Sierra Leone should be granted citizenship status

🔷The Chief Justice to be appointed by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission

🔷The two land tenure systems in the country should be harmonized

🔷The President and Vice President should not be removed from office if they lose their political party membership after assumption of office

🔷 The President and Vice President should only be removed from office in accordance with the procedures set out in Sec 50 and 51 of the 1991 Constitution

🔷Members of Parliament should only be qualified for pension and gratuity after serving two consecutive terms as MPs.

🔷Education, health and right to shelter are now justiciable

🔷 The term of office of the President should remain as it is in the 1991 Constitution-Maximum of two terms of 5 years each whether the terms are consecutive or not

These and many others constitute the recommendations that the CRC has endorsed but these are subject to validation by the people. The Committee therefore invites inputs and responses from the public on the aforementioned propositions.

Please visit the CRC Website http://www.Constitutionalreview.gov.sl for the abridged draft report

Alternatively, please send mail to crcsl1991@gmail.com or mfkargbo@gmail.com requesting a copy of the report

After the validation exercise, CRC will compile the Final Report which will be submitted to the Government.

Children need better education, shelter and security




2 thoughts on “Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) proposes amendments to the 1991 Constitution

  1. I am appealing to the commission not to tamper with the death penalty please,reasons been there is so much lawlessness in the country no one seems to care the politicians,police the court in my opinion are turning a blind eye to it all.because they themselves are corrupt if not all of them almost all of them are.
    And I am appealing to the commission to propose the death penalty for all corrupt leaders,politicians and government civil servants who are implicated and convicted in corrupt,fraud and any rouge activities and practices against the state and the people of Sierra Leone.if the commission don’t do it now god willing we will do it in the future we are tired and fed up with the scale of corruption leaders,politicians,police the court and civil servants have been doing in this great country of our for over five decades we are coming and we are coming with the politics the world have never seen politics which is not to the left or the right but in the middle and straight path.
    This doctrine and ideology called politics established by the west is based on corruption,lies,oppression,deceit,power and control to oppress the poor.we are going to reverse this trend by the grace of Allah,leaders and politicians that are corrupt are going to judge in a court of law by the people and we are not going to allow them legal representation they will have to represent themselves once found guilty all their possessions confiscated and return to the state and the people and charged with treason for all the misery,suffering,and deprivation they caused.this is a dream that will come to pass mark my words, our intentions are good and with the fear of Allah in our hearts if your intentions are clear and good Allah will always give you guidance and protection and if your intensions are crooked and wrong in the beginning Allah will never guide and protect you.

    and Allah will make us succeed over the corrupters we want to uplift the people and show them what it means to be loyal,patriotic and nationalistic our loyalty is to the people and the country not to a leader or political party.we are Sierra Leoneans with moral spiritual and religious values.
    Thanks to the commission for their hard work they have shown us that they are upright and honourable men and women

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